Moreshet Derech elections procedure in English

Moreshet Derech

elections procedure


Dear Colleagues,

We hope that you have found time to look over the candidates for the upcoming election – if not, please do so as soon as possible.

There are many new faces, and it would be a shame not to be acquainted with all of those running in the election.

For further information about the candidates please go to our candidates web page.

The election date is approaching fast, and thus, we the election committee would like to explain the electronic voting process.
The elections which will be managed by E-Vote.

Voting will commence an hour after Shabbat leaves on January 23th 2021,

and will end at 13:00 (1 p.m.) on January 26th 2021.

You will receive a code via SMS (not WhatsApp) to your cell phone as well as via email.
This code will allow you to enter the voting process, please notice that your tour guide license number will be a part of the identification process.

There are 36 candidates for the general committee (Mo’etza),

please choose only 7 individuals.

If you mistakenly should select 8 or more, any choose after the 7th choice will be canceled.

Therefore, we strongly recommend scrolling down until the last name,

and only then start your selection.

The 16 candidates with the highest number of votes will be elected to the general committee.
All others, hopefully, will still be active in the various committees which will be set up following the elections.
We will be voting for the Comptroller committee (Va’adat Ha’Bikoret), here we have 3 candidates, and you can vote for up to 3 candidates. (Arie Belinko is a candidate in both, and will decide after the elections which position to take up)

The election results will be published at the General Assembly,

the afternoon of the 26th of January.

Looking forward to meeting all of you at the annual meeting on ZOOM
(separate invitation with the link will be sent out).
During the voting days, the election committee can be reached until 20.00 (8 p.m.) every day.
Best regards,
Moreshet Derech Election Committee

Ushi Engel       054-4481596
Yacov Nof        052-2631787
Moti Barnes     050-9009700, 02-5332781, 077-5253656