Macau Declaration

World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations
2013 Macau Declaration for Tourist Guides Around the World

לוגו הפדרציה הבנלאומית למדריכי טיולים

1. WFTGA declares that its member tourist guides act as ambassadors of their
countries and regions and as custodians of their area’s traditions, history, culture
and environment.
2. WFTGA supports the definition of tourist guiding as an area-specific qualification,
usually issued and / or recognised by the appropriate authority. WFTGA believes
that any person without a qualification is not competent to interpret and explain
the cultural and natural heritage and specialities of that area.
3. WFTGA declares it is not ethical or appropriate for anyone to work as a tourist
guide without having the above qualifications.
4. WFTGA declares that tourist guides are essential to the tourism industry and
should be acknowledged as professionals by tour operators, tourism stakeholders
and local and / or national authorities and be fairly compensated.
5. WFTGA and its member tourist guides stand by our declaration that

“ We are the Professionals,’’

who work in the best professional manner to achieve high standards of service and
contribute to society.

This Declaration was agreed by the WFTGA General Assembly at the
15th International Tourist Guide Convention in Macau SAR China on January 18, 2013.

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